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Adoquin ("Adokeen") Stones

These beautiful, rustic stones come from Guadalajara in the western Pacific area of Mexico.

Adoquin is consolidated volcanic ash. It is excellent for interior or exterior use. It carves well, retaining its rustic qualities that make it appropriate when a less formal look is desired. Used for exterior wall cladding, adoquin has excellent insulating properties because of it.s composition of vesicles, which are small cavities formed by the expansion of bubbles of gas or steam during the solidification of the volcanic rock.

Adoquin, because of its porosity makes an excellent, naturally non-slip flooring surface. However, it is not appropriate for pool surrounds (coping), since it does not react well to chlorine at the level of concentration required for pool water maintenance.


Cafe II
Café II
Cafe III
Café III
Beige Pachaca
Beige Pacuca
San Marcos
BCA San Marcos
Riviera Beige Italian Limestone
Riviera Beige
Macedonia  wall and surround

Blanca Adoquin fireplace

Terracotta Cantera fountain

Macedonia column and
travertine floor tile

Deloro Limestone

Macedonia beautifully complemented by
travertine cladding
Blanca Adoquin columns


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